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Blood is the lifeline of human body. It is the medium through nutrients, minerals, vitamins and all essentials are carried throughout the body. Blood is also the carrier of germs and infections so keeping it purified and alkaline is very important. JMD Medico offers WALMIXFORT Syrup that purifies the blood naturally. The ingredients of WALMIXFORT Syrup includes Neem extract, Chirayata extract, Giloy extract, Pittpapra extract , Sanay extract. JMD Medico's WALMIXFORT Syrup  is an blood purifier made from natural products freely available in nature. It helps in controlling skin disorders such as pimples, eczema, boils, acne, and other skin allergies. WALMIXFORT  Syrup is very effective and  is 100% herbal product with no side effects.

  • Blood Purifier

  • Controls Skin Disorder

  • Detoxifies body

  • Fights unwanted viruses & impurities

  • Improves Skin texture

  • Boosts Metabolism

  • Keeps Body Fit

Dosage: Take 2 full teaspoons twice a day or as directed by Physician

Indications: Useful for blood purification. Gives natural glow to the skin and face.
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WALMIXFORT Syrup from JMD medico's store of Herbal products is a very effective Blood Purifier. When the blood is purified it makes the skin clear, boosts metabolism, increases immunity, reduces allergies and detoxifies the entire body. The main ingredients of WALMIXFORT Syrup are Neem, Chirayata extracts,  Tulsi to name a few which are natural products for purifying the blood. It is 100% Herbal with no side effects.
Composition: Each 10 ml contains:
Neem Ext. ( Azadiracta indica ) 75mg
Chirayata Ext. (Swertia chireta ) 25mg
Giloy Ext. ( Tinospora cordifolia ) 25mg
Pittpapra Ext.( Fumaria indica ) 25mg
Sanay Ext ( Cassia angustifolia ) 50mg
Tulsi Ext ( Ocimum sanctum ) 25mg
Revand Chini ( Rheum emodi ) 25mg
Kutki Ext. ( Picrorhiza kurroa ) 25mg
Bhuiamla Ext.( Phyllanthus niruri ) 25mg
Punarnava Ext.( Boerhavia diffusa ) 25mg
Brahmi Ext. ( Centella asiatica ) 25mg
Sugar ( Saccharum officinarum ) 6.0gm
DM Water 3.963ml
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Additional Information

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