JMD Medico strongly believes that Entrepreneurship will change Indian lives. At the same time, JMD Medico products do make lives better. So we have combined these 2 beliefs of our company and launched "JEMP: JMD MEDICO Entrepreneur Mentorship Program". JEMP is a scheme for new and existing business to make a JUMP for making money. JMD Medico Business Opportunity can be taken on a part time or full time basis. We offer flexibility to you even on the investment amount. If you have no money to invest, we assists and offer you Loans from leading NBFCs. To be a JMD Medico business partner there only 2 criteria. Individuals should be independent and have an attitude to make money by helping other people.

JMD Ayurveda products are without side effects and 100% herbal. They offer excellent cure and remedies for certain ailments and health issues. Not only you will make money with JMD Medico, but also make people life better. We are open to all genders, age and region. Any individual person can register for this.  JEMP is accessible virtually by anyone interested in operating an own business. If you are interested in a JMD Medico Business Owner scheme please click below.

Individuals can earn upto Rs 50,000 month in few months after joining the program. The amount of earnings can be more depending on your region, location, population and investment made. Businessmen who take JEMP on full time basis usually end up earning more per month. At the same time, we have seen that some enthusiastic Senior Citizens, Retired persons and housewives have earned decent amounts in few months. The JEMP scheme there is scope for every businessperson enrolled to earn at least 25,000 Rs month. Our training material and product portfolio will be of huge assistance to achieve your goal. We encourage Housewives to join our JEMP. This is a great opportunity for the Housewives to add to their family income and make happier living conditions. 

If you are Housewife, Senior Citizen or Retired person, please leave your details here and we will get back to you. If you are a young professional looking for a change, write to us. Below is our JEMP registration form. 

JEMP: JMD Medico Entrepreneur Mentor Program

For encouraging entrepreneurship & startups, JMD Medico is first Ayurveda company to come up with an Entrepreneur Mentor program. This is registration form for the same.


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